TensorFlow Uses

This page describes some of the current uses of the TensorFlow system.

If you are using TensorFlow for research, for education, or for production usage in some product, we would love to add something about your usage here. Please feel free to email us a brief description of how you're using TensorFlow, or even better, send us a pull request to add an entry to this file.

Listed below are some of the many uses of TensorFlow.

  • RankBrain

  • Inception Image Classification Model

    • Organization: Google
    • Description: Baseline model and follow on research into highly accurate computer vision models, starting with the model that won the 2014 Imagenet image classification challenge
    • More Info: Baseline model described in Arxiv paper

  • SmartReply

    • Organization: Google
    • Description: Deep LSTM model to automatically generate email responses
    • More Info: Google research blog post

  • Massively Multitask Networks for Drug Discovery

    • Organization: Google and Stanford University
    • Domain: Drug discovery
    • Description: A deep neural network model for identifying promising drug candidates.
    • More info: Arxiv paper

  • On-Device Computer Vision for OCR

    • Organization: Google
    • Description: On-device computer vision model to do optical character recognition to enable real-time translation.
    • More info: Google Research blog post