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Create a transition from a trajectory or two adjacent trajectories.

    trajectory, next_trajectory=None

NOTE If next_trajectory is not provided, tensors of trajectory are sliced along their second (time) dimension; for example:

time_steps.step_type = trajectory.step_type[:,:-1]
time_steps.observation = trajectory.observation[:,:-1]
next_time_steps.observation = trajectory.observation[:,1:]
next_time_steps. step_type = trajectory. next_step_type[:,:-1]
next_time_steps.reward = trajectory.reward[:,:-1]
next_time_steps. discount = trajectory. discount[:,:-1]

Notice that reward and discount for time_steps are undefined, therefore filled with zero.


  • trajectory: An instance of Trajectory. The tensors in Trajectory must have shape [ B, T, ...] when next_trajectory is None.
  • next_trajectory: (optional) An instance of Trajectory.


A tuple (time_steps, policy_steps, next_time_steps). The reward and discount fields of time_steps are filled with zeros because these cannot be deduced (please do not use them).