Constructs an Estimator instance from given keras model.

If you use infrastructure or other tooling that relies on Estimators, you can still build a Keras model and use model_to_estimator to convert the Keras model to an Estimator for use with downstream systems.

For usage example, please see: Creating estimators from Keras Models.

Sample Weights:

Estimators returned by model_to_estimator are configured so that they can handle sample weights (similar to, y, sample_weights)).

To pass sample weights when training or evaluating the Estimator, the first item returned by the input function should be a dictionary with keys features and sample_weights. Example below:

keras_model = tf.keras.Model(...)

estimator = tf.keras.estimator.model_to_estimator(keras_model)

def input_fn():
  return dataset_ops.Dataset.from_tensors(
      ({'features': features, 'sample_weights': sample_weights},

estimator.train(input_fn, steps=1)

Example with customized export signature:

inputs = {'a': tf.keras.Input(..., name='a'),
          'b': tf.keras.Input(..., name='b')}
outputs = {'c': tf.keras.layers.Dense(..., name='c')(inputs['a']),
           'd': tf.keras.layers.Dense(..., name='d')(inputs['b'])}
keras_model = tf.keras.Model(inputs, outputs)
export_outputs = {'c': tf.estimator.export.RegressionOutput,
                  'd': tf.estimator.export.ClassificationOutput}

estimator = tf.keras.estimator.model_to_estimator(
    keras_model, export_outputs=export_outputs)

def input_fn():
  return dataset_ops.Dataset.from_tensors(