This class exports the serving graph and checkpoints of the best models.

Inherits From: Exporter

This class performs a model export everytime the new model is better than any existing model.

name unique name of this Exporter that is going to be used in the export path.
serving_input_receiver_fn a function that takes no arguments and returns a ServingInputReceiver.
event_file_pattern event file name pattern relative to model_dir. If None, however, the exporter would not be preemption-safe. To be preemption-safe, event_file_pattern must be specified.
compare_fn a function that compares two evaluation results and returns true if current evaluation result is better. Follows the signature:

  • Args:
  • best_eval_result: This is the evaluation result of the best model.
  • current_eval_result: This is the evaluation result of current candidate model.
  • Returns: True if current evaluation result is better; otherwise, False.
assets_extra An optional dict specifying how to