Captures CPU/GPU profiling information every N steps or seconds.

Inherits From: SessionRunHook

This produces files called "timeline-.json", which are in Chrome Trace format.

For more information see:

save_steps int, save profile traces every N steps. Exactly one of save_secs and save_steps should be set.
save_secs int or float, save profile traces every N seconds.
output_dir string, the directory to save the profile traces to. Defaults to the current directory.
show_dataflow bool, if True, add flow events to the trace connecting producers and consumers of tensors.
show_memory bool, if True, add object snapshot events to the trace showing the sizes and lifetimes of tensors.



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Called when new TensorFlow session is created.

This is called to signal the hooks that a new session has been created. This has two essential differences with the situation in which begin is called:

  • When this is called, the graph is finalized and ops can no longer be added to the graph.
  • This method will also be called as a result of recovering a wrapped session, not only at the beginning of the overall session.

session A TensorFlow Session that has been created.
coord A Coordinator object which keeps track of all threads.


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