Vocabulary information for warm-starting.

See tf.estimator.WarmStartSettings for examples of using VocabInfo to warm-start.

Args: new_vocab: [Required] A path to the new vocabulary file (used with the model to be trained). new_vocab_size: [Required] An integer indicating how many entries of the new vocabulary will used in training. num_oov_buckets: [Required] An integer indicating how many OOV buckets are associated with the vocabulary. old_vocab: [Required] A path to the old vocabulary file (used with the checkpoint to be warm-started from). old_vocab_size: [Optional] An integer indicating how many entries of the old vocabulary were used in the creation of the checkpoint. If not provided, the entire old vocabulary will be used. backup_initializer: [Optional] A variable initializer used for variables corresponding to new vocabulary entries and OOV. If not provided, these entries will be zero-initialized. axis: [Optional] Denotes what axis the vocabulary corresponds to. The default, 0, corresponds to the most common use case (embeddings or linear weights for binary classification / regression). An axis of 1 could be used for warm-starting output layers with class vocabularies.

Returns: A VocabInfo which represents the vocabulary information for warm-starting.

Raises: ValueError: axis is neither 0 or 1.

  Example Usage:
      embeddings_vocab_info = tf.VocabInfo(