A layer that uses tf.einsum as the backing computation.

Inherits From: Layer, Module

This layer can perform einsum calculations of arbitrary dimensionality.

equation An equation describing the einsum to perform. This equation must be a valid einsum string of the form ab,bc->ac, ...ab,bc->, or ab...,bc->ac... where 'ab', 'bc', and 'ac' can be any valid einsum axis expression sequence.
output_shape The expected shape of the output tensor (excluding the batch dimension and any dimensions represented by ellipses). You can specify None for any dimension that is unknown or can be inferred from the input shape.
activation Activation function to use. If you don't specify anything, no activation is applied (that is, a "linear" activation: a(x) = x).
bias_axes A string containing the output dimension(s) to apply a bias to. Each character in the bias_axes str