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Class WatchOptions

Defined in tensorflow/python/debug/wrappers/

Type for return values of watch_fn.



Constructor of WatchOptions: Debug watch options.

Used as return values of watch_fns.


  • debug_ops: (str or list of str) Debug ops to be used.
  • node_name_regex_whitelist: Regular-expression whitelist for node_name, e.g., "(weight_[0-9]+|bias_.*)"
  • op_type_regex_whitelist: Regular-expression whitelist for the op type of nodes, e.g., "(Variable|Add)". If both node_name_regex_whitelist and op_type_regex_whitelist are set, the two filtering operations will occur in a logical AND relation. In other words, a node will be included if and only if it hits both whitelists.
  • tensor_dtype_regex_whitelist: Regular-expression whitelist for Tensor data type, e.g., "^int.*". This whitelist operates in logical AND relations to the two whitelists above.
  • tolerate_debug_op_creation_failures: (bool) whether debug op creation failures (e.g., due to dtype incompatibility) are to be tolerated by not throwing exceptions.