Mailing lists

As a community, we do much of our collaboration on public mailing lists. Please note that if you're looking for help using TensorFlow, TensorFlow Forum, Stack Overflow, and GitHub issues are the best initial places to look. To receive a roundup of updates from the TensorFlow team each quarter, subscribe to the TensorFlow newsletter.

General TensorFlow lists and forums

  • announce - Low-volume announcements of new releases.
  • discuss - General community discussion around TensorFlow.
  • developers - Discussion for developers contributing to TensorFlow.
  • documentation - Discussion for contributing to TensorFlow documentation. See community translations for language-specific docs lists.
  • testing - Discussion and questions on TensorFlow 2 testing.

Project-specific lists

These projects inside the TensorFlow GitHub organization have lists dedicated to their communities:

Special Interest Groups

TensorFlow's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) support community collaboration on particular project focuses. Members of these groups work together to build and support TensorFlow related projects. While their archives are public, different SIGs have their own membership policies.

  • addons - Supporting SIG Addons, for extensions to TensorFlow that confirm to the stable API.
  • build - Supporting SIG Build, for build, distribution and packaging of TensorFlow.
  • io - Supporting SIG IO, for file systems and formats not available in core TensorFlow.
  • jvm - Supporting SIG JVM, building Java and JVM support for TensorFlow.
  • keras - Keras users mailing list, for design reviews and discussions relating to SIG Keras.
  • micro - Supporting SIG Micro, focusing on low power TF Lite deployment.
  • mlir - Supporting SIG MLIR, collaboration around MLIR, Multi-Level Intermediate Representation.
  • networking - Supporting SIG Networking, for adding network protocols other than gRPC.
  • rust - Supporting SIG Rust, for the Rust language bindings.
  • swift - Supporting SIG Swift, developing Swift for TensorFlow.
  • tensorboard - Supporting SIG TensorBoard, for plugin development and other contribution.