Welcome to the TensorFlow Community

TensorFlow is an open-source project. This page explains how to contribute, where to ask questions, and how to help each other.


The source code for TensorFlow is on GitHub.

Before contributing to TensorFlow source code, please review the Contribution guidelines.

Projects developed by the TensorFlow community

The TensorFlow community has created many great projects around TensorFlow, including:

TensorFlow Communities Around the World




TensorFlow provides multiple communication paths. To pick the right path, please read the following list carefully:

  • To ask or answer technical questions about TensorFlow, use Stack Overflow. For example, ask or search Stack Overflow about a particular error message you encountered during installation.
  • To join general discussions about TensorFlow development and directions, please join the TensorFlow discuss mailing list. For example, use this mailing list to learn about new features in upcoming releases of TensorFlow.
  • To report bugs or make feature requests, use the TensorFlow issues tracker on GitHub. For example, use the issue tracker to request a new operation in TensorFlow.
  • To report vulnerabilities, please follow our vulnerability disclosure guidelines.