• Description:

DementiaBank is a medical domain task. It contains 117 people diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease, and 93 healthy people, reading a description of an image, and the task is to classify these groups. This release contains only the audio part of this dataset, without the text features.

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    • 1.0.0 (default): No release notes.
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  • Dataset size: 17.71 GiB

  • Manual download instructions: This dataset requires you to download the source data manually into download_config.manual_dir (defaults to ~/tensorflow_datasets/downloads/manual/):
    manual dir should contain 2 folders with mp3 files:

  • dementia/English/Pitt/Control/cookie

  • dementia/English/Pitt/Dementia/cookie

Which were downloaded from This dataset requires registration for downloading.

Split Examples
'test' 102
'train' 393
'validation' 57
  • Feature structure:
    'audio': Audio(shape=(None,), dtype=int64),
    'label': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=int64, num_classes=2),
    'speaker_id': string,
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
audio Audio (None,) int64
label ClassLabel int64
speaker_id Tensor string
  • Citation:
  title={Dementiabank database guide},
  author={Boller, Francois and Becker, James},
  journal={University of Pittsburgh},