Release notes

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  • Better sharding, shuffling and sub-split
  • It is now possible to add arbitrary metadata to tfds.core.DatasetInfo which will be stored/restored with the dataset. See tfds.core.Metadata.
  • Better proxy support, possibility to add certificate
  • Add decoders kwargs to override the default feature decoding (guide).
  • Add duke_ultrasound dataset of ultrasound phantoms and invivo liver images from the MimickNet paper
  • Add Dmlab dataset from the VTAB benchmark.
  • Add e-SNLI dataset from the paper e-SNLI.
  • Add Opinosis dataset.
  • Add SCAN dataset introduced here.
  • Add Imagewang dataset.
  • Add DIV2K dataset from the paper DIV2K
  • Add CFQ (Compositional Freebase Questions) dataset from this paper.