All times are Pacific Standard Time (UTC-08:00).
Sessions will be available through Livestream during the event, and available after the event on the TensorFlow YouTube Channel.

Day 1 - March 6th

9:30 AM Keynote Megan Kacholia, Engineering Director
Rajat Monga, Engineering Director
Kemal El Moujahid, Director, Product Management
Alina Shinkarsky, Program Manager
9:50 AM TensorFlow 2.0 Karmel Allison, Engineering Manager
Martin Wicke, Software Engineer
10:15 AM TensorFlow Lite Pete Warden, Software Engineer
Raziel Alvarez, Software Engineer
10:55 AM Break
12:00 PM New features in TensorBoard Gal Oshri, Product Manager
12:10 PM Building Models with tf.function & tf.autograph Alexandre Passos, Software Engineer
12:22 PM Datasets and Models Ryan Sepassi, Software Engineer
12:30 PM Swift for TensorFlow: Next-Generation Machine Learning Framework Chris Lattner, Distinguished Engineer
Brennan Saeta, Software Engineer
1:00 PM TensorFlow Community Edd Wilder-James, Open Source Strategist
1:15 PM Lunch
2:35 PM TensorFlow Extended (TFX): An End-to-End ML Platform Clemens Mewald, Product Manager
2:55 PM Data Preparation with TFX Data Validation Clemens Mewald, Product Manager
3:10 PM TFX Model Validation and TensorFlow Serving Christina Greer, Software Engineer
3:25 PM TensorFlow Hub André Susano Pinto, Software Engineer
3:40 PM Break
4:45 PM TensorFlow Probability Josh Dillon, Software Engineer
4:55 PM Reinforcement Learning in TensorFlow Sergio Guadarrama, Senior Software Engineer
Eugene Brevdo, Software Engineer
5:10 PM JavaScript: Writing models and deploying them in the browser and Node.js Yannick Assogba, Front End Software Engineer
Nick Kreeger, Software Engineer
5:30 PM UniRoma: In Codice Ratio Elena Nieddu, UniRoma
See day 2 schedule