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An executor composed of subordinate executors that manage disjoint scopes.

Inherits From: Executor

This executor can be used to construct multi-level hierarchical aggregation structures with federated executors managing disjoint subsets of clients at the leaf level.

The intrinsics currently implemented include:

  • federated_aggregate
  • federated_apply
  • federated_broadcast
  • federated_eval
  • federated_map
  • federated_mean
  • federated_sum
  • federated_value
  • federated_weighted_mean
  • federated_zip

parent_executor The parent executor to use for all processing at the parent, such as combining values from child executors, unplaced and server-side processing, etc.
child_executors The list of executors that manage disjoint scopes to combine in this executor, delegate to and collect or aggregate from.

ValueError If parent_executor is not an Executor instance, or child_executors is not a list of Exector instances.



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Release resources associated with this Executor, if any.

If the executor has one or more target Executors, implementation of this method must close them.


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