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A executor factory holding an executor per cardinality.

Inherits From: ResourceManagingExecutorFactory, ExecutorFactory

executor_stack_fn Similar to base class but the second return value of the callable is used to expose the SizingExecutors.



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Calls close on constructed executors, resetting internal cache.

If a caller holds a name bound to any of the executors returned from create_executor with the specified cardinalities, this executor should be assumed to be in an invalid state, and should not be used after this method is called. Instead, callers should again invoke create_executor.

cardinalities The cardinalities of the executor to be cleaned up.


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See base class.


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Returns information about the transferred data of each SizingExecutor.

Returns the history of broadcast and aggregation for each executor as well as the number of aggregated bits that has been passed through.

An instance of SizeInfo.