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Constructs an executor to execute computations on the local machine.


Used in the tutorials:

NOTE: This function is only available in Python 3.


  • num_clients: The number of clients. If specified, the executor factory function returned by create_local_executor will be configured to have exactly num_clients clients. If unspecified (None), then the function returned will attempt to infer cardinalities of all placements for which it is passed values.
  • max_fanout: The maximum fanout at any point in the aggregation hierarchy. If num_clients > max_fanout, the constructed executor stack will consist of multiple levels of aggregators. The height of the stack will be on the order of log(num_clients) / log(max_fanout).


An executor factory function which returns a tff.framework.Executor upon invocation with a dict mapping placements to positive integers.


  • ValueError: If the number of clients is specified and not one or larger.