Module: tff.framework.executors_errors

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Custom exceptions and symbols for TFF executors.


class CardinalityError: Raised when a value in a stack does not match the stack's cardinality.

class RetryableAbslStatusError: Raised when execution fails with an absl status error and can be retried.

class RetryableError: Raised when execution fails and can be retried.

class RetryableGRPCError: Raised when execution fails across a gRPC connection and can be retried.


get_absl_status_retryable_error_codes(...): Returns Absl retryable error codes.

get_grpc_retryable_error_codes(...): Returns gRPC retryable error codes.

is_absl_status_retryable_error(...): Checks if the exception is an absl status error that can be retried.