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Create an executor backed by remote workers.

channels A list of grpc.Channels hosting services which can execute TFF work.
thread_pool_executor Optional concurrent.futures.Executor used to wait for the reply to a streaming RPC message. Uses the default Executor if not specified.
dispose_batch_size The batch size for requests to dispose of remote worker values. Lower values will result in more requests to the remote worker, but will result in values being cleaned up sooner and therefore may result in lower memory usage on the remote worker.
max_fanout The maximum fanout at any point in the aggregation hierarchy. If num_clients > max_fanout, the constructed executor stack will consist of multiple levels of aggregators. The height of the stack will be on the order of log(default_num_clients) / log(max_fanout).
default_num_clients The number of clients to use for simulations where the number of clients cannot be inferred. Usually the number of clients will be inferred from the number of values passed to computations which accept client-placed values. However, when this inference isn't possible (such as in the case of a no-argument or non-federated computation) this default will be used instead.
stream_structs The flag to enable decomposing and streaming struct values.

An instance of executor_factory.ExecutorFactory encapsulating the executor construction logic specified above.