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Strips comp's placement, returning a single call to map, apply or value.


For this purpose it is necessary to assume that all processing under comp is happening at a single placement.

The other assumptions on inputs of unwrap_placement are enumerated as follows:

  1. There is at most one unbound reference under comp, which is of federated type.
  2. The only intrinsics present here are apply or map, zip, and federated_valueat*.
  3. The type signature of comp is federated.
  4. There are no instances of building_blocks.Data of federated type under comp; how these would be handled by a function such as this is not entirely clear.

Under these conditions, unwrap_placement will produce a single call to federated_map, federated_apply or federated_value, depending on the placement and type signature of comp. Other than this single map or apply, no intrinsics will remain under comp.


  • comp: Instance of building_blocks.ComputationBuildingBlock satisfying the assumptions above.


A modified version of comp, whose root is a single called intrinsic, and containing no other intrinsics. Equivalent to comp.


  • TypeError: If the lone unbound reference under comp is not of federated type, comp itself is not of federated type, or comp is not a building block.
  • ValueError: If we encounter a placement other than the one declared by comp.type_signature, an intrinsic not present in the whitelist above, or comp contains more than one unbound reference.