Represents a value constructed by the prefetching data source.

Inherits From: Ingestable, TypedObject, CardinalityCarrying

executor Instance of tff.framework.Executor in which executor_value is embedded.
executor_value A representation of a value embedded in a TFF executor. Must be embedded in the executor argument of the initializer.
cardinality The cardinality of the executor value. A mapping from TFF placement literals (e.g. tff.CLIENTS, tff.SERVER) to ints.
defining_coro_fn A coroutine function accepting an executor argument, and returning the result of embedding the concrete value which backs this FetchedValue in that executor.

cardinality Returns the cardinality information associated with this object.
type_signature Returns the TFF type of this object (an instance of tff.Type).



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Causes this object to ingest itself into the given executor.

executor An instance of executor_base.Executor to ingest into.

An instance of executor_value_base.ExecutorValue returned by the executor.