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Creates a set of variables that matches the given type_spec.

    name, type_spec, **kwargs

Unlike tf.get_variables, this method will always create new variables, and will not retrieve variables previously created with the same name.


  • name: The common name to use for the scope in which all of the variables are to be created.
  • type_spec: An instance of tff.Type or something convertible to it. The type signature may only be composed of tensor types and named tuples, possibly nested.
  • **kwargs: Additional keyword args to pass to tf.Variable construction.


Either a single variable when invoked with a tensor TFF type, or a nested structure of variables created in the appropriately-named variable scopes made up of anonymous tuples if invoked with a named tuple TFF type.


  • TypeError: if type_spec is not a type signature composed of tensor and named tuple TFF types.