Define a ModuleSpec from a SavedModel. Note that this is not guaranteed to work in all cases and it assumes the SavedModel has followed some conventions:

  • The serialized SaverDef can be ignored and instead can be reconstructed.
  • The init op and main op can be ignored and instead the module can be initialized by using the conventions followed by tf.train.MonitoredSession.

Note that the set of features supported can increase over time and have side effects that were not previously visible. The pattern followed to avoid surprises is forcing users to declare which features to ignore (even if they are not supported).

Note that this function creates a ModuleSpec that when exported exports a Module (based on a modified copy of the original SavedModel) and not a SavedModel.


saved_model_path Directory with the SavedModel to use.
drop_collections Additionally list of collection to drop.

A ModuleSpec.