Write previously extracted docs to disk.

Write a docs page for each symbol included in the indices of parser_config to a tree of docs at output_dir.

Symbols with multiple aliases will have only one page written about them, which is referenced for all aliases.

output_dir Directory to write documentation markdown files to. Will be created if it doesn't exist.
parser_config A config.ParserConfig object, containing all the necessary indices.
yaml_toc Set to True to generate a "_toc.yaml" file.
root_module_name (str) the name of the root module (tf for tensorflow).
root_title The title name for the root level
search_hints (bool) include meta-data search hints at the top of each output file.
site_path The output path relative to the site root. Used in the _toc.yaml and _redirects.yaml files.
gen_redirects Bool which decides whether to generate _redirects.yaml file or not.
gen_report If True, a report for the library is generated by linting the docstrings of its public API symbols.
extra_docs To add docs for a particular object instance set it's doc attribute. For some classes (list, tuple, etc) doc is not writable. Pass those docs like: extra_docs={id(obj): "docs"}
page_builder_classes A optional dict of {ObjectType:Type[PageInfo]} for overriding the default page builder classes.

ValueError if output_dir is not an absolute path