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Create a collection

Collections are a feature of that enables publishers to bundle related models together to improve user search experience.

See the list of all collections on

The correct location for the collection file in the repository is assets/docs/<publisher_name>/collections/<collection_name>/

Here is a minimal example that would go into assets/docs/vtab/collections/benchmark/ Note how the collection's name in the first line is shorter than the name of the file.

# Collection vtab/benchmark/1
Collection of visual representations that have been evaluated on the VTAB

<!-- module-type: image-feature-vector -->

## Overview
This is the list of visual representations in TensorFlow Hub that have been
evaluated on VTAB. Results can be seen in

#### Models
|                   |
| [vtab/sup-100/1](   |
| [vtab/rotation/1]( |

The example specifies the name of the collection, a short one sentence description, problem domain metadata and free-form markdown documentation.