Plots feature calibrator(s) extracted from a TFL canned estimator.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials
model_graph = estimators.get_model_graph(saved_model_path)
visualization.plot_feature_calibrator(model_graph, "feature_name")

model_graph model_info.ModelGraph object that includes model nodes.
feature_name Name of the feature to plot the calibrator for.
plot_submodel_calibration If submodel calibrators should be included in the output plot, when more than one calibration node is provided. These are individual calibration layers for each lattice in a lattice ensemble constructed from configs.CalibratedLatticeEnsembleConfig.
font_size Font size for values and labels on the plot.
axis_label_font_size Font size for axis labels.
figsize The figsize parameter passed to pyplot.figure().

Pyplot figure object containing the visualisation.