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ObjectDetector class for inference and exporting to tflite.

model_spec Specification for the model.
label_map Dict, map label integer ids to string label names such as {1: 'person', 2: 'notperson'}. 0 is the reserved key for background and doesn't need to be included in label_map. Label names can't be duplicated.
representative_data Representative dataset for full integer quantization. Used when converting the keras model to the TFLite model with full interger quantization.



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Loads data and train the model for object detection.

train_data Training data.
model_spec Specification for the model.
validation_data Validation data. If None, skips validation process.
epochs Number of epochs for training.
batch_size Batch size for training.
train_whole_model Boolean, False by default. If true, train the whole model. Otherwise, only train the layers that are not match model_spec.config.var_freeze_expr.
do_train Whether to run training.

An instance based on ObjectDetector.


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Returns the underlining Keras model for serving.


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Evaluates the model.


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Evaluate the TFLite model.


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Converts the retrained model based on export_format.

export_dir The directory to save exported files.
tflite_filename File name to save tflite model. The full export path is {export_dir}/{tflite_filename}.
label_filename File name to save labels. The full export path is {export_dir}/{label_filename}.
vocab_filename File name to save vocabulary. The full export path is {export_dir}/{vocab_filename}.
saved_model_filename Path to SavedModel or H5 file to save the model. The full export path is {export_dir}/{saved_model_filename}/{saved_model.pb|assets|variables}.
tfjs_folder_name Folder name to save tfjs model. The full export path is {export_dir}/{tfjs_folder_name}.
export_format List of export format that could be saved_model, tflite, label, vocab.
**kwargs Other parameters like quantized_config for TFLITE model.


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Feeds the training data for training.