A specification of BERT model for text classification.

uri TF-Hub path/url to Bert module.
model_dir The location of the model checkpoint files.
seq_len Length of the sequence to feed into the model.
dropout_rate The rate for dropout.
initializer_range The stdev of the truncated_normal_initializer for initializing all weight matrices.
learning_rate The initial learning rate for Adam.
distribution_strategy A string specifying which distribution strategy to use. Accepted values are 'off', 'one_device', 'mirrored', 'parameter_server', 'multi_worker_mirrored', and 'tpu' -- case insensitive. 'off' means not to use Distribution Strategy; 'tpu' means to use TPUStrategy using tpu_address.
num_gpus How many GPUs to use at each worker with the DistributionStrategies API. The default is -1, which means utilize all available GPUs.
tpu TPU address to connect to.
trainable boolean, whether pretrain layer is trainable.
do_lower_case boolean, whether to lower case the input text. Should be True for uncased models and False for cased models.
is_tf2 boolean, whether the hub module is in TensorFlow 2.x format.
name The name of the object.
tflite_input_name Dict, input names for the TFLite model.
default_batch_size Default batch size for training.
index_to_label List of labels in the training data. e.g. ['neg', 'pos'].



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Builds the class. Used for lazy initialization.


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Converts examples to features and write them into TFRecord file.


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Creates the keras model.


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Gets the configuration.


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Gets the default quantization configuration.


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Gets the dictionary describing the features.


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Reorders the tflite input details to map the order of keras model.


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Creates classifier and runs the classifier training.

train_ds, training data to be fed in
validation_ds, validation data to be fed in
epochs Integer, training epochs.
steps_per_epoch Integer or None. Total number of steps (batches of samples) before declaring one epoch finished and starting the next epoch. If steps_per_epoch is None, the epoch will run until the input dataset is exhausted.
num_classes Interger, number of classes.
**kwargs Other parameters used in the

tf.keras.Model, the keras model that's already trained.


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Prints the file path to the vocabulary.


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Dispatches records to features and labels.

compat_tf_versions [2]
convert_from_saved_model_tf2 True
need_gen_vocab False