Module: tflite_support.task.text

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TensorFlow Lite Task Library Text APIs.

This module provides interface to run TensorFlow Lite natural language processing models.


class BertCluAnnotator: Class that performs Bert CLU Annotation on text.

class BertCluAnnotatorOptions: Options for the Bert CLU Annotator task.

class BertNLClassifier: Class that performs Bert NL classification on text.

class BertNLClassifierOptions: Options for the Bert NL classifier task.

class BertQuestionAnswerer: Class that performs Bert question answering on text.

class BertQuestionAnswererOptions: Options for the Bert question answerer task.

class NLClassifier: Class that performs NL classification on text.

class NLClassifierOptions: Options for the NL classifier task.

class TextEmbedder: Class that performs dense feature vector extraction on text.

class TextEmbedderOptions: Options for the text embedder task.

class TextSearcher: Class to performs text search.

class TextSearcherOptions: Options for the text search task.