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Apps de exemplo do TensorFlow Lite

Explore pre-trained TensorFlow Lite models and learn how to use them in sample apps for a variety of ML applications.

Classificação de imagens

Identify hundreds of objects, including people, activities, animals, plants, and places.

Estimar poses

Estimate poses for single or multiple people. Imagine the possibilities, including stick figure dance parties.

Reconhecimento de fala

Identify speech commands by recognizing keywords.


Pinpoint the shape of objects with strict localization accuracy and semantic labels. Trained with people, places, animals, and more.

Classificação de texto

Categorize free text into predefined groups. Potential applications include abusive content moderation, tone detection, and more.

Recomendação no dispositivo

Forneça recomendações personalizadas no dispositivo baseadas em eventos selecionados pelos usuários.

Resposta a perguntas em linguagem natural

Answer questions based on the content of a given passage of text with BERT.

Transferência de estilo

Apply any styles on an input image to create a new artistic image.

Resposta inteligente

Generate reply suggestions to input conversational chat messages.

Super resolution

Generate a super resolution image from a low resolution image.