Create a random variable for JointDistributionCoroutineAutoBatched.

See JointDistributionCoroutineAutoBatched for more details.


Original Docstring for Distribution

Construct the JointDistributionCoroutineAutoBatched distribution.

model A generator that yields a sequence of tfd.Distribution-like instances.
sample_dtype Samples from this distribution will be structured like tf.nest.pack_sequence_as(sampledtype, list). sample_dtype is only used for tf.nest.pack_sequence_as structuring of outputs, never casting (which is the responsibility of the component distributions). Default value: None (i.e., tuple).
batch_ndims int Tensor number of batch dimensions. The batch_shapes of all component distributions must be such that the prefixes of length batch_ndims broadcast to a consistent joint batch shape. Default value: 0.
use_vectorized_map Python bool. Whether to use tf.vectorized_map to automatically vectorize evaluation of the model. This allows the model specification to focus on drawing a single sample, which is often simpler, but some ops may not be supported. Default value: True.
validate_args Python bool. Whether to validate input with asserts. If validate_args is False, and the inputs are invalid, correct behavior is not guaranteed. Default value: False.
name The name for ops managed by the distribution. Default value: None (i.e., JointDistributionCoroutine).