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Create a random variable for LogitNormal.

    *args, **kwargs

See LogitNormal for more details.



Original Docstring for Distribution

Construct a logit-normal distribution.

The LogititNormal distribution models positive-valued random variables whose logit (i.e., sigmoid_inverse, i.e., log(p) - log1p(-p)) is normally distributed with mean loc and standard deviation scale. It is constructed as the sigmoid transformation, (i.e., 1 / (1 + exp(-x))) of a Normal distribution.


  • loc: Floating-point Tensor; the mean of the underlying Normal distribution(s). Must broadcast with scale.
  • scale: Floating-point Tensor; the stddev of the underlying Normal distribution(s). Must broadcast with loc.
  • validate_args: Python bool, default False. Whether to validate input with asserts. If validate_args is False, and the inputs are invalid, correct behavior is not guaranteed.
  • allow_nan_stats: Python bool, default True. If False, raise an exception if a statistic (e.g. mean/mode/etc...) is undefined for any batch member If True, batch members with valid parameters leading to undefined statistics will return NaN for this statistic.
  • name: The name to give Ops created by the initializer.