Using TensorFlow Serving via Docker

This directory contains Dockerfiles to make it easy to get up and running with TensorFlow Serving via Docker.

Installing Docker

General installation instructions are on the Docker site, but we give some quick links here:

Which containers exist?

We currently maintain the following Dockerfiles:

  • Dockerfile.devel, which is a minimal VM with all of the dependencies needed to build TensorFlow Serving.

Building a container


docker build --pull -t $USER/tensorflow-serving-devel -f Dockerfile.devel .

Running a container

This assumes you have built the container.

Dockerfile.devel: Use the development container to clone and test the TensorFlow Serving repository.

Run the container;

docker run -it $USER/tensorflow-serving-devel

Clone, configure and test Tensorflow Serving in the running container;

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd serving/tensorflow
cd ..
bazel test tensorflow_serving/...