Swift for TensorFlow

Welcome to the Swift for TensorFlow API documentation.

Swift for TensorFlow is a next-generation platform for machine learning, incorporating the latest research across machine learning, compilers, differentiable programming, systems design, and beyond. This is an early-stage project: it is not feature-complete nor production-ready, but it is ready for pioneers to try in projects, give feedback, and help shape the future!

The Swift for TensorFlow project is currently focusing on 2 kinds of users:

  1. Advanced ML researchers who are limited by current ML frameworks. Swift for TensorFlow's advantages include seamless integration with a modern general-purpose language, allowing for more dynamic and sophisticated models. Fast abstractions can be developed in "user-space" (as opposed to in C/C++, aka "framework-space"), resulting in modular APIs that can be easily customized.

  2. ML learners who are just getting started with machine learning. Thanks to Swift's support for quality tooling (e.g. context-aware autocompletion), Swift for TensorFlow can be one of the most productive ways to start learning the fundamentals of machine learning.

For more information about Swift for TensorFlow (including installation and usage instructions), please visit the documentation repository.