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Custom InputProcessor for file based ExampleGen driver.

Inherits From: InputProcessor

input_base_uri The base path from which files will be searched.
splits An iterable collection of example_gen_pb2.Input.Split objects.
range_config An instance of range_config_pb2.RangeConfig, defines the rules for span resolving.



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Returns the fingerprint for a certain Version of a certain Span.


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Resolves the latest Span information.


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Resolves the latest Version of a Span.


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Return pattern with Span and Version spec filled.


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Resolves Span and Version information.

If a pattern has the {SPAN} placeholder or the Date spec placeholders, {YYYY}, {MM}, and {DD}, and optionally, the {VERSION} placeholder, attempts to find aligned values that results in all splits having the target span and most recent version for that span.

A Tuple of [target_span, target_version], where:

  1. target_span is either the value matched with the {SPAN} placeholder, the value mapped from matching the calendar date with the date placeholders {YYYY}, {MM}, {DD} or 0 if a placeholder wasn't specified.
  2. target_version is either the value matched with the {VERSION} placeholder, or None if the placeholder wasn't specified.