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Build the tuner using the KerasTuner API.

fn_args Holds args as name/value pairs.

  • working_dir: working dir for tuning.
  • train_files: List of file paths containing training tf.Example data.
  • eval_files: List of file paths containing eval tf.Example data.
  • train_steps: number of train steps.
  • eval_steps: number of eval steps.
  • schema_path: optional schema of the input data.
  • transform_graph_path: optional transform graph produced by TFT.

A namedtuple contains the following:

  • tuner: A BaseTuner that will be used for tuning.
  • fit_kwargs: Args to pass to tuner's run_trial function for fitting the model , e.g., the training and validation dataset. Required args depend on the above tuner's implementation.