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Returns a factory function that creates a proper TFXIO.

examples The Examples artifacts that the TFXIO is intended to access.
telemetry_descriptors A set of descriptors that identify the component that is instantiating the TFXIO. These will be used to construct the namespace to contain metrics for profiling and are therefore expected to be identifiers of the component itself and not individual instances of source use.
schema TFMD schema. Note that without a schema, some TFXIO interfaces in certain TFXIO implementations might not be available.
read_as_raw_records If True, ignore the payload type of examples. Always use RawTfRecord TFXIO.
raw_record_column_name If provided, the arrow RecordBatch produced by the TFXIO will contain a string column of the given name, and the contents of that column will be the raw records. Note that not all TFXIO supports this option, and an error will be raised in that case. Required if read_as_raw_records == True.

A function that takes a file pattern as input and returns a TFXIO instance.

NotImplementedError when given an unsupported example payload type.