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Resolves the payload format and a DataView URI for given artifacts.

This routine make sure that the provided list of Examples artifacts are of the same payload type, and if their payload type is FORMAT_PROTO, it resolves one DataView (if applicable) to be used to access the data in all the artifacts in a consistent way (i.e. the RecordBatches from those artifacts will have the same schema).

examples A list of Examples artifact.

A pair. The first term is the payload format (a value in example_gen_pb2.PayloadFormat enum); the second term is the URI to the resolved DataView (could be None, if the examples are not FORMAT_PROTO, or they are all FORMAT_PROTO, but all do not have a DataView attached).

ValueError if not all artifacts are of the same payload format, or if they are all of FORMAT_PROTO but some (but not all) of them do not have a DataView attached.