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Base component for all Kubeflow pipelines TFX components.

Returns a wrapper around a KFP DSL ContainerOp class, and adds named output attributes that match the output names for the corresponding native TFX components.

component The logical TFX component to wrap.
component_launcher_class the class of the launcher to launch the component.
depends_on The set of upstream KFP ContainerOp components that this component will depend on.
pipeline The logical TFX pipeline to which this component belongs.
pipeline_name The name of the TFX pipeline.
pipeline_root The pipeline root specified, as a dsl.PipelineParam
tfx_image The container image to use for this component.
kubeflow_metadata_config Configuration settings for connecting to the MLMD store in a Kubeflow cluster.
component_config Component config to launch the component.
tfx_ir The TFX intermedia representation of the pipeline.
pod_labels_to_attach Optional dict of pod labels to attach to the GKE pod.