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Module: tfx.orchestration.kubeflow.v2.compiler_utils

Utility methods for Kubeflow V2 pipeline compilation.


build_input_parameter_spec(...): Converts a dict into Kubeflow pipeline input parameter section.

build_output_artifact_spec(...): Builds the Kubeflow pipeline output artifact spec from TFX channel spec.

build_runtime_parameter_spec(...): Converts RuntimeParameters to mapping from names to proto messages.

convert_from_tfx_properties(...): Converts (custom) properties to mapping to ValueOrRuntimeParameter pb.

get_artifact_schema(...): Gets the YAML schema string associated with the artifact type.

get_artifact_title(...): Gets the schema title from the artifact python class.

get_kubeflow_value(...): Converts TFX/MLMD values into Kubeflow pipeline Value proto message.

get_mlmd_value(...): Converts Kubeflow pipeline Value pb message to MLMD Value.

value_converter(...): Converts TFX/MLMD values into Kubeflow pipeline ValueOrRuntimeParameter.

TFX_TYPE_KEY 'tfx_type'

TYPE_NAME_KEY 'type_name'