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Validates a single example against the schema provided in options.

If an optional environment is specified, the schema is filtered using the environment and the instance is validated against the filtered schema.


  • instance: A single example in the form of a dict mapping a feature name to a numpy array.
  • options: tfdv.StatsOptions for generating data statistics. This must contain a schema.
  • environment: An optional string denoting the validation environment. Must be one of the default environments specified in the schema. In some cases introducing slight schema variations is necessary, for instance features used as labels are required during training (and should be validated), but are missing during serving. Environments can be used to express such requirements. For example, assume a feature named 'LABEL' is required for training, but is expected to be missing from serving. This can be expressed by defining two distinct environments in the schema: ["SERVING", "TRAINING"] and associating 'LABEL' only with environment "TRAINING".


An Anomalies protocol buffer.


  • ValueError: If options is not a StatsOptions object.
  • ValueError: If options does not contain a schema.