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The Pusher TFX Pipeline Component

The Pusher component is used to push a validated model to a deployment target during model training or re-training. Before the deployment, Pusher relies on one or more blessings from other validation components to decide whether to push the model or not.

  • Evaluator blesses the model if the new trained model is "good enough" to be pushed to production.
  • (Optional but recommended) InfraValidator blesses the model if the model is mechanically servable in a production environment.

A Pusher component consumes a trained model in SavedModel format, and produces the same SavedModel, along with versioning metadata.

Using the Pusher Component

A Pusher pipeline component is typically very easy to deploy and requires little customization, since all of the work is done by the Pusher TFX component. Typical code looks like this:

pusher = Pusher(

More details are available in the Pusher API reference.