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Applies a user-provided PTransform over the whole dataset.

WARNING: This is experimental.

Note that in order to have asset files copied correctly, any outputs that represent asset filenames must be added to the tf.GraphKeys.ASSET_FILEPATHS collection by the caller.


  • inputs: A list of input Tensors.
  • output_dtypes: The list of TensorFlow dtypes of the output of the analyzer.
  • output_shapes: The list of shapes of the output of the analyzer. Must have the same length as output_dtypes.
  • ptransform: A Beam PTransform that accepts a Beam PCollection where each element is a list of ndarrays. Each element in the list contains a batch of values for the corresponding input tensor of the analyzer. It returns a tuple of PCollection, each containing a single element which is an ndarray.
  • name: (Optional) Similar to a TF op name. Used to define a unique scope for this analyzer, which can be used for debugging info.


A list of output Tensors. These will have dtype and shape as specified by output_dtypes and output_shapes.


  • ValueError: If output_dtypes and output_shapes have different lengths.