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Calculates Mutual Information for x=i, y=j from sample counts.

The standard formulation of mutual information is: MI(X,Y) = Sum_i,j {p_ij * log2(p_ij / p_i * p_j)} We are operating over counts (p_ij = n_ij / n), so this is transformed into MI(X,Y) = Sum_i,j {n_ij * (log2(n_ij) + log2(n) - log2(x_i) - log2(y_j))} / n This function returns the argument to the summation, the mutual information for a particular pair of values x_i, y_j (the caller is expected to divide the summation by n to compute the final mutual information result).

n_ij The co-occurrence of x=i and y=j
x_i The frequency of x=i.
y_j The frequency of y=j.
n The total # observations

Mutual information for the cell x=i, y=j.