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Solve your business challenges with machine learning

We are piloting a program to connect businesses with our TensorFlow Trusted Partners. These are system integrators who are experienced in machine learning solutions, and can help you innovate faster, solve smarter, and scale bigger.

Connect with a TensorFlow Trusted Partner

Whether it’s using deep learning to categorize photos and improve customer interactions, or integrating on-device machine learning to personalize an app for users, we know that implementing machine learning solutions can be key to innovating your business. However, not all companies have the knowledge, experience, or resources to get started, which is where we hope our TensorFlow Trusted Partners can help. We are fostering connections between experienced TensorFlow system integrators, and businesses new to machine learning and the world of AI.

Machine learning has the potential to transform your core business model and create new revenue streams, and we want to make it easier for companies to explore opportunities to apply machine learning to their business problems. Learn which model architecture is right for your business problem with the help of partners verified by the TensorFlow team.

Accelerate your business goals with ML

TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. But what does that mean for businesses, and how does machine learning pave the way for new solutions? Learn more below.

In recent years, the amount of data collection in many industries has skyrocketed, and machine learning is an important technique for making sense of this seemingly endless data. A subset of AI, machine learning (ML), is the practice of helping software perform a task without explicit programming or rules. By providing a set of examples, the computer learns patterns from the data and enables developers to train a model. This predictive model can then serve up predictions about previously unseen data, enabling a business to use these predictions to take action. For example, if a system predicts that a user will like a certain video, then the system may recommend that video to the user.

The power of machine learning enables businesses to insert intelligence into every human interaction with technology, whether that’s training machines to make sense of the world through areas like machine perception, or by making useful predictions that benefit and influence product behaviors. This technology gives your product the ability to customize experiences for each customer, transforming their relationship with your brand and making their lives easier.

Today, enterprises are using TensorFlow-based solutions to address all kinds of business problems. For example, companies are using natural language understanding to read and comprehend large sets of documents, machine perception to run inspections and assessments based on videos and imagery, and deep learning to provide users personalized content. With TensorFlow, companies are able to make real-time automated decisions, and build unique solutions using deep learning.

Want examples of how other companies are transforming their products using TensorFlow? Check out our case studies to learn more.

TensorFlow Trusted Partners are system integrators who are experienced in providing machine learning solutions to their clients. They have demonstrated their expertise in building and deploying TensorFlow based AI/ML solutions for businesses at scale. You can read about our initial Trusted Partners below.

When choosing a collaborative partner to help with your machine learning solutions, it’s important to consider the following:

  1. Expertise in building AI solutions: Look for partners who have an established AI practice, and have extensive experience building AI-based solutions for similar size companies.

  2. Industry familiarity: Look for partners who have experience in working with your industry, have worked on similar problems in the past, and understand the nature of data and industry constraints.

  3. Production experience: Look for partners who have experience in productionizing a solution at scale, and deploying it in the environments most suitable to your product, whether that’s Cloud-based services, mobile, embedded devices, or on the web.

TensorFlow Trusted Partners

Explore our initial collection of Trusted Partners. We are continuing to identify new Trusted Partners that can help with your machine learning implementations.


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As a fortune 100 company, we accelerate business growth and outcomes with AI.


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