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Cognizant Artificial Intelligence

As a Fortune 100 company, we accelerate business growth and outcomes with AI.

Partner Overview

Cognizant Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a global professional services company that provides technology services, strategy and consulting, and digital transformation. We address clients’ needs at every step from data modernization to AI transformation, which we package in unique offerings around Customer and Operations Intelligence. We work with clients to identify areas of automation, optimization, and design to enhance their products and services using AI. The benefits of our AI solutions have the potential to mitigate business risks, maximize revenue using AI personalization, and improve overall costs and efficiencies through insight and automation. In addition, our AI personalization solutions create insightful, engaging experiences for customers, thus increasing user engagement and brand loyalty for our clients.

We care about delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients to fit their unique business needs, and we are sure to protect our clients proprietary information. We deliver these services with Intellectual Property and assets, using our own platforms, methods, and tools to accelerate business value and ROI.

  • AI Data Modernization – the fastest way to achieve an AI-driven foundation

  • Customer Intelligence – increase revenue & increase your CX

  • Operations Intelligence – reduce cost and increase operational efficiencies & effectiveness

  • The largest bank in the US

  • Top 3 Property and Casualty Insurance company in the US

  • One of the largest multinational Banks in Europe