TensorFlow C++ Reference


tensorflow::Env An interface used by the tensorflow implementation to access operating system functionality like the filesystem etc.
tensorflow::EnvWrapper An implementation of Env that forwards all calls to another Env.
tensorflow::FileSystem A generic interface for accessing a file system.
tensorflow::FileSystemRegistry A registry for file system implementations.
tensorflow::PartialTensorShape Manages the partially known dimensions of a Tensor and their sizes.
tensorflow::PartialTensorShapeUtils Static helper routines for PartialTensorShape.
tensorflow::RandomAccessFile A file abstraction for randomly reading the contents of a file.
tensorflow::ReadOnlyMemoryRegion A readonly memmapped file abstraction.
tensorflow::Session A Session instance lets a caller drive a TensorFlow graph computation.
tensorflow::Status Denotes success or failure of a call in Tensorflow.
tensorflow::Tensor Represents an n-dimensional array of values.
tensorflow::TensorShape Represents the shape of a Tensor.
tensorflow::TensorShapeUtils Static helper routines for TensorShape.
tensorflow::Thread Represents a thread used to run a Tensorflow function.
tensorflow::WritableFile A file abstraction for sequential writing.


tensorflow::SessionOptions Configuration information for a Session.
tensorflow::TensorShapeDim Represents the value of one dimension in a TensorShape.
tensorflow::ThreadOptions Options to configure a Thread.