Classes storing split RNNCell state

class tf.nn.rnn_cell.LSTMStateTuple

Tuple used by LSTM Cells for state_size, zero_state, and output state.

Stores two elements: (c, h), in that order.

Only used when state_is_tuple=True.

tf.nn.rnn_cell.LSTMStateTuple.__getnewargs__() {:#LSTMStateTuple.getnewargs}

Return self as a plain tuple. Used by copy and pickle.

tf.nn.rnn_cell.LSTMStateTuple.__getstate__() {:#LSTMStateTuple.getstate}

Exclude the OrderedDict from pickling

tf.nn.rnn_cell.LSTMStateTuple.__new__(_cls, c, h) {}

Create new instance of LSTMStateTuple(c, h)

tf.nn.rnn_cell.LSTMStateTuple.__repr__() {:#LSTMStateTuple.repr}

Return a nicely formatted representation string


Alias for field number 0



Alias for field number 1