tf.FIFOQueue.from_list(index, queues)

tf.FIFOQueue.from_list(index, queues)

tf.PaddingFIFOQueue.from_list(index, queues)

tf.PriorityQueue.from_list(index, queues)

tf.QueueBase.from_list(index, queues)

tf.RandomShuffleQueue.from_list(index, queues)

Create a queue using the queue reference from queues[index].


  • index: An integer scalar tensor that determines the input that gets selected.
  • queues: A list of QueueBase objects.


A QueueBase object.


  • TypeError: When queues is not a list of QueueBase objects, or when the data types of queues are not all the same.

Defined in tensorflow/python/ops/