class tf.contrib.graph_editor.Transformer

See the guide: Graph Editor (contrib) > Module: transform

Transform a subgraph into another one.

By default, the constructor create a transform which copy a subgraph and replaces inputs with placeholders. This behavior can be modified by changing the handlers.



Transformer constructor.

The following members can be modified: transform_op_handler: handle the transformation of a tf.Operation. This handler defaults to a simple copy. assign_collections_handler: handle the assignment of collections. This handler defaults to assigning new collections created under the given name-scope. transform_external_input_handler: handle the transform of the inputs to the given subgraph. This handler defaults to creating placeholders instead of the ops just before the input tensors of the subgraph. transform_external_hidden_input_handler: handle the transform of the hidden inputs of the subgraph, that is, the inputs which are not listed in sgv.inputs. This handler defaults to a transform which keep the same input if the source and destination graphs are the same, otherwise use placeholders. transform_original_op_handler: handle the transform of original_op. This handler defaults to transforming original_op only if they are in the subgraph, otherwise they are ignored.

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/graph_editor/