tf.contrib.graph_editor.detach_outputs(sgv, control_outputs=None)

tf.contrib.graph_editor.detach_outputs(sgv, control_outputs=None)

See the guide: Graph Editor (contrib) > Module: edit

Detach the output of a subgraph view.


  • sgv: the subgraph view to be detached. This argument is converted to a subgraph using the same rules as the function subgraph.make_view. Note that sgv is modified in place.
  • control_outputs: a util.ControlOutputs instance or None. If not None the control outputs are also detached. Returns: A tuple (sgv, output_placeholders) where sgv is a new subgraph view of the detached subgraph; output_placeholders is a list of the created output placeholders. Raises:
  • StandardError: if sgv cannot be converted to a SubGraphView using the same rules than the function subgraph.make_view.

Defined in tensorflow/contrib/graph_editor/